6 week swim boost plan 70.3 and IM

For less than $5 a week, or around £4 you get a dedicated swim speed improvement plan, 6 weeks, including test and retest week one and week 7. Add this to a free basic Training Peaks account or download to your existing account *You will need a finis tempo trainer pro* (one of the key secrets to faster swimming), which you can obtain from many outlets online. The time and distance swam is less important than learning to swim at a sustainable pace using the tempo. If you are good with a pool clock you may use this but its a lot simpler just to swim with an audible beep in your ear. Suitable for 70.3, IM and swimmers preparing for LD events. Please note that this plan is interval based POOL swim plan. Full calculator access and drills are included. Sessions are based on CSS by Swim Smooth, ITU and British Triathlon performance partner. Each session is detailed to obtain the maximum performance gain.

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