6 Weeks to Your First Sprint Triathlon - Intermediate

6 Weeks to Your First Sprint Triathlon You just signed up for your first Sprint Triathlon, now what?!? We've got you covered with our 6 week training plan! There's plenty of swimming, biking and running at Threshold efforts to get you ready to redline it on race day. Plus, this plan includes all of the small details that can make or break your first race like transition work, crazy bike/run brick workouts, a gear checklist, and tips for how to be successful on race day! This periodized plan will have you doing some testing in the 3 sports to set threshold heart rates and paces/watts so you know you're swimming, biking and running at the right efforts to get faster without overdoing it! The intervals in each workout build as you get close to race day with a regeneration week before your triathlon so you are feeling fresh and fast on race day! This plan includes structured swimming workouts with drills if you can't swim with a group! The bike and run workouts can be done indoors or out as your schedule allows. The run intervals are based on pace and time so you don't need a track to run them on, you can just use the GPS on your phone and a timer if you don't have a GPS running watch. The transitions from swim to bike and bike to run can be the toughest part of a sprint triathlon so there are workouts specifically to help you develop that unique skill! Additionally, this plan includes all the "marginal gains" details to get even faster: Recovery Techniques, Rest Days, Yoga, Foundations, and best of all, Strength and Conditioning - all you need is a physical therapy style rubber band and MOTIVATION! There are instructional videos in the plan for you to follow along at home. Intermediate- This Intermediate plan is for the athlete with 1-1.5 hours a day to train during the week and 2 - 2.5 hours on the weekend who can swim a 2000yd workout in an hour or less and may have some biking and running experience.

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