6 weeks to your first triathlon (super-sprint or sprint)

This plan is designed for anyone who aims to complete their first short course triathlon. At a beginner's level, I will have you follow a perceived effort chart to pace your sessions, although it's always important to monitor heart rate if you have a watch with that capacity. On this program, you will find your key training sessions to get your body used to this swim/bike/run gig as well as race specific sessions that will make you ease into the complex triathlon World and so it's not as big of a shock to the body that first experience. By the time you get to race morning, you will be prepared for what lies ahead. Out of the six plans, you will have two easier weeks to recover the body and give you a chance to soak up the training load applied. While the plan is designed for beginners, it assumes you are able to swim across a lap pool in freetsyle. Swimming has a strong technical component associated to it, and adding to this plan, I would it strongly encourage you to seek some swim lessons with a on-deck coach to improve your swim faster. When writing this training plan, I had in mind the typical work week from 9 to 5pm, with more availability for longer workouts on the weekend, specially on the saddle, while focusing on swimming and running during the week. Lastly, make sure you listen to your body and if you feel excessively fatigued or sore, take two days off completely and then reassess before you resume any training.

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