7.2 Mountain Bike Base 3 and 4 with Coggan Classic Levels, Power, HR, PE, 8-12 hrs/wk, Wks 9-16

Train with the coach of the world ITT champion Amber Neben and pro MTB racers Adam Bucklin and Zdenek Vobecky! This 8-week training plan was created by Tim Cusick, Training Peaks WKO4 product leader and master coach with Velocious Endurance Coaching. It is the second portion of the 24-week MTB plan and includes the Base 3 and 4 phases using the Coggan Classic Training Levels. These plans are designed for the serious competitive cyclist and include HR, power, and perceived exertion. All-new progressive fatigue resistance and intensive workouts! All plans include predicted TSS and new, structured, ongoing testing. Choosing the right plan can be difficult. If you're confused, or if you'd like an overview planner of this plan, please contact Coach Kathy Watts at Kathy@velociouscyclingadventures.com. Our training plans are so powerful you won't need a coach!

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