7-9hr/week Beginner Winter Training Plan - XC MTB Athlete

This plan is a 12 week plan This plan is designed for either an athlete who is just starting into the sport of mountain biking or for an athlete who has been out of the sport for a few years or more and is looking to ease back into the sport. This program mainly focuses on building a base of endurance with progressively more force and intensity to focus on towards the end of the 12 week period. This plan is designed with longer workouts focused for the weekends. This program consists of cycling and off the bike strength training. Strength training will focus on building a stronger core to help with the demands of off road riding and racing. This plan is intended to be followed using heart rate and perceived exertion mainly. All of the workouts will revolve around the use of heart rate and bio feedback from feel, breathing, etc. Details on daily intensities are available daily to help guide you through this program. It is important for athletes who are just getting into a sport or for athletes who have been out of a sport for a long time to ease into it to prevent injury, burnout, and over training. The main goal with this program is to start slow and build through the season. Training smart over the winter months will help you prepare for more volume and intensity in the spring and through the racing season. Have questions about which program to choose or need support? Feel free to email me at - schultz@highlandtraining.net If you are looking for a more individualized coaching and training plan option, please visit the Highland Training website at - www.highlandtraining.net for more program options.

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