70.3_Level 1

This plan begins after a period of base training. The expectation is that you will begin this program with the ability to comfortably swim 1000 yards, bike for 60 minutes and run 5 miles at an easy pace. Exercise prescription and endurance race pacing are determined by your current fitness. When you begin a training protocol it is important to perform field-testing to determine Functional Threshold Pace or Power (FTP). This pace/power corresponds approximately to your lactate threshold, or the pace/power sustainable for one hour. Contact ParkerPerformanceTraining.com for help with field-testing and individualized athlete pacing for all disciplines. Alternatively, heart rate training can be valuable in determining pacing. All workouts should use the aerobic zone unless otherwise indicated. It is important to note that genetic differences, heat, training fatigue, dehydration, and nervousness can affect heart rate. Use the following formula to determine your aerobic zone: Aerobic Zone 70% HRmax= 220-age x .70 to determine lower range Aerobic Zone 80% HRmax= 220-age x .80 to determine upper range

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