8-9 week Iceman Training Plan

This training plan span the breadth of the first week of September thru the first week of Novemeber in preparation for the specific demands of the Iceman Cometh Challenge in Traverse city Michigan. This is the exact same plan the Vision Elite and Junior ELite team is using to train for the Iceman Cometh minus any personal changes they need in working directly with Nathan Guerra as their hands on coach. The plan is designed for Cat3+ riders on road, and Cat2/Sport-Ca1/Elite/Pro Riders on the Mountain Bike. Riders in the lower categories can bring the hours down 2-4 per week and focus in more on the intensity specific days or if these hrs & intensities look to be too much we can set you up with the novice plan free of charge after purchase of this plan! The plan will focus up front on building a bit of base and force work to make the the muscles nice and strong for the serious pedal power needed on the long open grinding sections as well as the extremely steep sections at the end of the course as you enter the XC ski trails! There is a light rest week built into the middle with a few peak workouts to see some encouraging gains from your first 3 weeks of work. We then focus in on the bread and butter of the iceman training with threshold work and a few race simulating type efforts asked for in race with VO2 max and sprint type attacking mixed with threshold. Be consistent, stay committed to the plan, and watch those PR's starting rolling in! Enjoy! Nathan Guerra Vision-Cycling.com

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