8 Week Builder Program (4 weeks Aerobic/Tempo and 4 weeks FTP development)

The 8 week plan starts out with some basic aerobic capacity building with some tempo foundation work. The first 4 weeks will set the foundation for the more advanced 2nd 4 week block. During the first 4 weeks you will stress your aerobic system each week. This will serve as the foundational work needed to perform harder efforts. In addition, you will see the start of tempo progressions. The second 4 week builds on the first and is set up to build your threshold power. When you come out of the first 4 weeks you can either repeat or proceed to the threshold building 4 week block. This program is perfect for the following athletes: 1) Cat 5 racer progression to Cat 4 threshold power 2) Cat 4 racer looking to re-establish some threshold base 3) Intermediate cyclist who wants some structure. Great for the recreational rider gearing up for any event. 4) Multi-sport athlete looking to put in some bike focus. The difficulty of this program is moderate and requires you to ride 4x per week with the option for strength. Plan Benefits: 1) Two 4 week training blocks set up to be completed using feel, heart rate or power. 2) Start-up coaching call or email (15-20 minute phone call) 3) Mid-point review upon request. Send us a email request and we will review your training 4) Endurance Custom Strength training program included 5) Discounted additional coaching consults as needed along the way.

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