8 Week Indoor Training Plan

This is an 8 week indoor training program. All weekday workouts and one weekend day are geared towards you riding indoors. The other weekend day is a zone 2 day assuming you will be able to ride outdoors on one of the two days. The workouts are to help keep the time rolling while getting in a good workload. This plan starts with tempo workouts and get progressively harder through sweet spot and threshold intervals all the while having a mix of burst and short anaerobic work. You will want to have your FTP set with you zones before hand so you can ride at the right intensity level. You can set up your workouts in your Garmin to help keep you on track. Or you could use training software such as Trainer Road. For those of you on Zwift feel free to freestyle the workouts a bit. Use laps as your interval durations, and for burst use the hills and sprint lines! You could even find a group ride on the weekend that pushes you and help gets you some harder efforts while keeping it more fun! You can come up with your own ideas as well with what you have available. KEEP THE WORKOUTS FUN!

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