8 Week Run Focus Intermediate

This 8 week training program is designed as an off-season or pre-season running program for a triathlete focusing on running as a limiter. This is a great plan to work on running as a weakness or for any triathlete prepping for an upcoming season so they are ready to start with a high baseline of fitness and consistent run volume. There plan follows an 4-week mesocycle with 3 build weeks and one recovery/regeneration week. Volume is tracked by time rather than distance to accommodate different running speeds. Run volume ranges from 4 hr 10 min in week 1 to 5 hrs 35 min during week 7. So fast runners averaging 7:30 min/mi might be completing 32-44 miles per week, whereas a runner averaging 10 min/mi will complete 25-33 miles per week. The program starts with a running field test found on our Middaugh Coaching website: http://middaughcoaching.com/running-heart-rate-and-pace-training-zones/ And descriptions on performing benchmark protocols is found here: http://middaughcoaching.com/swim-bike-and-run-benchmark-protocols-2/ The first 4-week block of training is focused on endurance with key workouts in the Tempo zone as described in the zones spreadsheet. The second 4 week block moves into threshold training at and around 10k race intensity. Long runs progress from 80 minutes to the longest run at 2 hours. Swim and bike workouts are also included with two days/wk in each discipline as well as run-specific strength training.

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