8 Weeks to your Best Ever 5-10km Time Trial! Senior Games age 50-70, Heart Rate & Power, 6-8hrs/wk

This plan is designed to get you into top shape in 8 weeks for a 5-10km (up to 20km) time trial like Senior Games. This plan will also indirectly get you into great form for the road race. The plan is designed for men and women ages 50-70 years old and uses either heart rate or power zones. A Training Zones calculator is included with the plan description (see page 2). The training hours range between 6-8 hours/week. The specific time trial workouts in this training plan are proven to work and have already helped cyclists win State and National Championships and medals at the World Championship! The time trial plan is designed by coach Simon Kessler, a former international pro rider, 15 time National Champion, and now coach to both professional and amateur cyclists with ambitions to become stronger and faster. The training will first increase your threshold power then your V02 power and finally your time trial speed ahead of your goal. races. Additional recovery is scheduled for senior athletes to ensure best results from training. Before starting the plan you should have a good level of fitness, be in great health, and cleared by a doctor for intense exercise. Two or more months of consistent training should precede the training plan. please email me to let me know how the training plan works for you! simonsayscycling@gmail.com.

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