8 Weeks to Your Best Sprint Competition, Beginner and Intermediate, w/ weight training,

This 8 week training plan is made for beginner and intermediate cyclists racing sprint events on the track, such as match sprints, 500m and 1km time trial, team sprint, and flying lap. Omnium riders can use this plan in the off season to improve peak power output. Methods included are scientifically researched, tested, and proven successful on athletes competing at the national level. In 8 weeks you will be a better sprinter. Since the plan is sprint focused, it does not use threshold based power zones. Most efforts are all-out, because if you want to go faster, you need to go faster! The first week is dedicated to testing in the gym and finding gearing for standing and flying efforts. It assumes some familiarity with gear selection and weight training. There is not an adaptation phase for strength training (available in my other plans). For strength training you will need access to a barbell, trap bar, weights, and a squat rack. All lifting will be based off of that. The plan details testing protocols and technique suggestions, so while you do not need experience lifting weights to start this plan, it is strongly encouraged that you have someone experienced spot you. You do not need regular access to a track to complete this training plan, though it is encouraged for familiarity and technique development. The plan uses time, distance, and cadence targets for the on-bike work. A turbo trainer or rollers are suggested for the high cadence work in the plan.

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