8 Weeks to your Fastest Ever Six Gap Century! Heart Rate & Power, 7-11 hrs/wk

Achieve your Fastest ever Six Gap Century! The training in this plan will result in big improvement in your threshold power and endurance which are the key ingredients for a successful Century. Specific interval workouts simulate the efforts required for long climbs and will work great even if you train on flat roads. This plan will work for you if you have 1.5 hours available to train on week days and 3 hours+ available on a Saturday or Sunday. You should also have already completed a Century like Six Gap. The Plan includes a Power and Heart Rate zone calculator to determine your correct training intensities. Perceived Exertion zones are also included so even if you don't train with Power or Heart Rate this plan will still work for you. Before starting the plan you should have a good level of endurance fitness and be accustomed to training 7-10 hours/week. This plan is the result of 20 years of professional racing and coaching experience combined with the latest training methods. You will find the training plan highly descriptive and precise, guaranteeing you get the most out of each workout. Please note you should receive a "Plan Description" PDF with the plan which includes more details and a link to calculate your specific heart rate or power zones. If you do not receive the PDF please email me at: simonsayscycling@gmail.com.

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