9.8 - COMPUTRAINER: WINTER - 350w by Hunter Allen

These plans were designed to specifically work with your Computrainer! Each day you have a workout, you will also receive a .ERG file, in which you will load into your Computrainer and then your Computrainer will do all adjustments of the wattage load to create the perfect workout! You will need to use the Computrainer Coaching Software (Computrainer CS) in order to upload the .ERG file. Detailed descriptions are included to show you each step on how to upload an .ERG file and then do the workout. This plan is a comprehensive 12 week winter training plan for the cyclist, triathlete or Mt. Biker that uses a Computrainer and has a Threshold of 350watts. Weight plans are included as well, along with suggestions for cross-training, on your ‘off’ days. You can train from 10-15 hours a week and have been riding at least a year (this could be your first off-season). This plan can be started anytime during the winter. Bonus .erg files are included as well! There is a week and a half of additional .erg files attached with this plan at the very end of the plan! BONUS! This winter plan includes a resistance training plan designed specificially for you- the endurance athlete. The resistance training plan is comprehensive, explaining all exercises, sets, reps and goes for the entire 12 weeks. This is attached to your training plan with a printable spreadsheet that you can take with you to the gym to assist you in tracking your progress. I have also included cross-training workouts to do at the gym in order to continue your aerobic capacity development, while doing other complimentary exercises. All cycling workouts are designed to be done on the Computrainer, but include the full description of the workout, so they could easily be adaptable to outside if you live in a warm climate during the winter. Your plan starts out by easily transitioning you into a solid resistance training program, and also moving into some fun cross-training workouts. Of course, you will still be doing some great riding and each cycling workout has a specific focus to it, so don't worry about having to 'drone' along on the trainer for hours at a time. These indoor workouts are specific, challenging and will make the time go by quickly. Then as the winter continues, you move into building your 'power' or muscular endurance and strength. Finally the last 4 weeks of the plan have you progressing into Sub-Lactate Threshold work and prepping you for better weather and the upcoming race season! This specific Computrainer winter plan is an incredible value at $99.95, and includes hours and hours of specific work designed to make your winter season your best! If you want to take it to the next level in your season and you have a Computrainer, than this is the plan for you! *To get the most out of this plan, it's important that you go through the testing protocols first, in order to make sure of your threshold wattage. Please read the accompanying articles above in or to review the testing protocols and definitions. TO VIEW WEEK 2 OF THE TRAINING PLAN, CLICK ON PLAN PREVIEW AND SELECT THE "DOWNLOAD DESCRIPTION FILE" LINK.

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