A Level 9 Week 30/40k Time Trial Race Plan

Our 9-week plan is designed specifically to have you ready for a time trial event in 8-9 weeks. The plan starts out with some basic aerobic base and tempo building. The first 4 weeks will set the foundation for the more advanced 2nd 4-week block. During the first 4 weeks, you will stress your aerobic system progressively each week. The 2nd 4-week block will be more intensive as you work to drive your FTP/Threshold up. You will be required to ride your TT bike 2x per week. This program is perfect for the following athletes: 1) Time Trialist of all levels 2) Cyclist with a 30/40k race in the next 8-9 weeks 3) Multi-sport athletes looking to improve bike threshold The difficulty of this program is moderate and requires you to ride 4x per week with the option for strength. Plan Benefits: 1) Two 4 week training blocks set up to be completed using feel, heart rate or power. 2) Start-up coaching call or email (15-20 minute phone call) 3) Mid-point review upon request. Send us an email request and we will review your training 4) Endurance Custom Strength training program included 5) Race week prep and tips 6) Discounted additional coaching consults as needed along the way. 7) End of 8-week coaching consult

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