A Personalized Guide To YOUR First 50 Mile Race

This Plan will include 1 email each week where you can contact me and i can suggest changes or give you feedback on training! Do you love running? Have you completed a Marathon or 50k and looking for the next thing? Or do you just like going out on the trails and having fun? This 20 Week Training Plan will guide you through the training to complete a 50 Miler. The plan starts out at 35 Miles per week and over the next 5 months will gradually increase your mileage to 64 Miles in the biggest week. Also included is a outline of a few strength exercises that I think are beneficial to keep you running injury free. Idealy you would have a Heart Rate Monitor to gauge your effort during the runs, although it is not required. I base most of my training on Maffetone Method where your Easy Runs are done at Heart Rate of 180 minus your age to determine your Aerobic Zone. You will also be doing one Tempo Run each week , except for during the recovery weeks.

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