AC Tri Sprint Plan with functional strength training - 8 weeks

This plan is ideal for a fit athlete who is going looking to compete in their first season of sprint-distance triathlon (.25-.5 mi swim, 10-16 mi bike, 2-4 mi run). --- A person who starts this plan should be someone who has some fitness experience, working out between 4-6 hours/week. --- This is a balanced-sport plan, featuring 3x/week of swimming and cycling, and 4x/week of running (with 2 of those runs done as short transition runs). --- The plan offers intensity markers using a 5-zone system, which can be gauged using either heart rate or rate of perceived exertion (directions for determining zones are included in the plan). --- The plan includes functional strength training sessions of 15-25 minutes, three times per week. Only equipment needed for these sessions is a resistance band and a stability ball. Alternatively, the exercises can be altered as you like to be done with no equipment. --- Athletes who purchase this plan may have access to our private Facebook Group. Email for access. This space offers a place to ask training and racing questions, and get advice from fellow athletes as well as the No Limits Coaches. --- Join us on Facebook - Be sure to tell us how the race went! And, if you have questions, you can contact us there :)

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