Active4Life Half Marathon Sub 2 Hours - 12 weeks

This is a 12 week programme that is designed to help you to complete a half marathon in less than 2 hours. Before embarking on the programme you should have been running consistently for at least 6 months and should be able to complete 10km with ease. You will need to have enough time to train 3 and sometimes 4 times during the week for 45 minutes to 1 hour and once on the weekend for up to 2 hours. You will be doing quite a few longer runs on this programme and for that you need to make sure that your running shoes are in good condition to prevent unwanted injuries. Each week has 3 workouts during the week and one on the weekend. You can move the days to suit your lifestyle schedule, however spread the days as evenly as possible throughout the week and do not change the order of the days.

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