Adrenal Recovery Program (No Injuries)

Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Program “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new” - Socrates No doubt one of the major driving forces to purchasing Healing The Grumpy Athlete was that you wanted a solution to feeling excessively tired and lacking performance gains. Even though you are now armed with all the necessary knowledge and resources to make tremendous change it can be hard to see how all the pieces come together, particularly if you feel bogged down in a black hole. For others, this 6 week program will be a great resource for when you notice the signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue or you would like to prevent it during your off season. The ARP is based on the following assumptions; you have previously been training for a long course event, above 10 hours per week you have a background of at least 6 months in all 3 sports of swim, bike run. you are not harbouring any major injuries you have access to swimming tools such as paddles, a bike, and triathlon related equipment. you have read Healing The Grumpy Athlete in it’s entirety and continue to implement holistic principles on a weekly basis. I guarantee zero progress using this program if no other holistic protocols are employed. Duration 6 week program, broken into 3 phases Phase 1. Weeks 1 & 2: 2 Days exercising, 1 day rest, repeat.  Phase 2. Weeks 3 & 4: 3 days exercising, 1 day rest, repeat. Introducing 1-2 double days Phase 3. Weeks 5 & 6: 3 days exercising, 2 of which will have double days, 1 days rest.  Swimming If you have previously done your swimming with a squad, now is a good time to switch to swimming solo or with friends until your symptoms of adrenal dysfunction have decreased. In the ARP swim sets have an endurance focus, rest intervals are longer and lots of technique work is included. These sessions act as a perfect base for your training year ahead. As you progress through the ARP we introduce short, sharp intervals to help boost testosterone. Bike Sessions: Depending on where you are at, bike sessions will be anywhere from 30min to 110min in duration. It is relative to your current symptoms and previous fitness levels. Power Interval session: this session is brilliant for strength development without major fatigue due to a low heart response. Your other bike sessions will focus on adhering to your MAF heart rate and as you progress through the program we mix in some short intervals with extended recovery. Run Sessions: If injury free, run sessions will be between 20 & 45 min with structure walk breaks. If you recovering from injury run sessions can be introduced when your practitioner has given you the all clear. Your ARP is very rehab friendly. The ARP is relatively low on run volume for a number of reasons. In my experience, a fatigued athlete is highly inflamed and prone to injury. In addition to this, running produces a much higher cortisol response than swim or bike sessions.

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