ADVANCED Ironman Triathlon Plan. 9 to 18 hours per week. 24 Weeks.

Designed for advanced age group triathletes, this training plan will help you excel at your upcoming Ironman event. Athletes who've successfully followed this plan have smashed their PR's and qualified for the Ironman World Championships. 

"Not only did the sessions improve my fitness, but they also helped me with the building blocks of technique, mental resilience, pacing and fuelling. You prepared me really well." Saif Al Assam, Ironman Frankfurt 2016. -


  • Email access to the author
  • 20-page guide: “How To Use Your Training Plan”
  • Advice on how to incorporate several races into your plan
  • Monthly email training advice
  • Training zones using feel, heart rate, power or pace



There are nine to eleven workouts per week, consisting of 3 swims, 3 cycles, 3 or 4 runs and a strength workout. There's a day off each week and every fourth week has a lower training volume to help your body adapt and recover. To be successful with this plan, you should have raced half Ironmans and preferably a full Ironman before.



Phil Mosley: "I have 20 years experience of helping age group athletes surpass their goals, while still making sure they have quality time available for family, friends and career. My training plans are intelligently designed around a typical work week. I set proven, time-efficient higher intensity workouts in mid-week, with longer aerobic workouts at the weekends."

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