Advanced MTB Marathon plan (12 Weeks)

This 12 week plan is aimed at experienced Mountain bikers aged 18 to 45 who typically have a minimum of 2 years racing experience and wish to follow a structured plan to prepare for a high level MTB Marathon event (such as the UK National Championships).

The plan is intended to take you to the target race via 3 blocks of training, each seperated by a recovery week. Please note that 3 preparation races are included. If you are unable to find suitable races the n substitute with fast Upper Level 2 MTB rides of similar duration.

Prior to commencing this plan you should have completed at least 2 months of low intensity endurance riding (8 to 15 hours per week for example) and then have rested for one to two weeks.

Weekly training volumes vary from 6 to 14 hours over a range of 5 to 6 training days per week. A variety of structured sessions are provided and aim to improve endurance, threshold power and speed work in prepeartion for the target event.

Training sessions are prescribed based on heart rate zones and therefore a heart rate monitor is essential when following this plan. A spreadsheet is attached for the calculation of heart rate zones. Heart Rate Zones (based on % maximum heart rate) Level 1 = 0 to 64% Lower Level 2 = 65% to 78% Upper Level 2 = 79% to 88% Level 3 = 89% to 94% Level 4 = 95% to 100%

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