Adventure Race Base Training Program

This program is designed for intermediate to beginner adventure athletes. One should have some solid athletic experience prior to beginning this program. The program contains 12 weeks of detailed daily workouts presented in an on line calendar format. Additionally, athletes will have the use of an on line training log tool to assist in tracking their training progress. The objective of the plan is to build a solid aerobic base in the three most common disciplines in adventure racing (run/hike, bike, and paddle). Also, because skill is a critical factor for AR performance, there is much direction toward building skills and training to reinforce skills. Numerous helpful documents attachments are included that assist with training & racing skills, strategies, and tactics. The weekly training volume calls for 8 hours on the low end and 13 hours on the high end. Most weeks call for 10 hours of training. While athletes are encouraged to adjusted the volume up or down slightly according to their experience, this plan is appropriate only for those athletes who have experience training regularly at levels of at least 6-8 hours per week or more at some point in the past. For athletes coming off a winter break, one should have 4 to 6 weeks of easy training at volumes of 6-8 hours per week immediately prior to beginning this program. The last workout in this program should be completed two to three weeks prior to an important race or substitute a training race for the last workout in this program. The next step after the base building phase is either to taper for an early season race or do an 8-12 week intensity program. While this program can be repeated to continue high levels of fitness, look for other Adventure Race Training Programs available on line as the season progresses. All athletes should consult their doctor for approval before participating in this or any exercise regime, training program, or athletic event. Athletes should consult a professional coach or personal trainer for assistance on elements, terms, exercises, etc. of the plan with which they are unfamiliar.

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