Aerobic endurance/FTP builder (Base) HR

An 8 week progressive training plan designed to build appropriate aerobic endurance and increase functional threshold power (FTP) for cyclists and triathletes aiming to race in events lasting between 20 - 60 minutes who are using heart rate measuring equipment. 1. Designed to start the preparation phase of a periodized annual plan 2. 5-6 hours per week assuming full time work commitments (evening indoor sessions during the week) 3. Done of a static trainer, rollers or outdoors, conditions allowing. 4. 10 mile rollers test and the beginning and end of the 8 weeks to benchmark progress. 5. Includes active recovery. 6. Ideal base for 10 and 25 mile time trials, circuits races/crits, track endurance races and 40k tri legs. 7. Targeted and focused aerobic endurance training - not 'old school' winter junk miles.

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