Aerobic endurance - strength & speed (Intermediate) HR

An 8 week progressive training plan designed to build leg strength and leg speed as part of an aerobic endurance programme aimed at increasing functional threshold power for cyclists and triathletes aiming to race in events lasting between 20 - 60 minutes who are using heart rate measurement to judge intensity. 1. Designed as part of the preparation phase of a periodized annual plan following the development of an aerobic endurance base. 2. 5-6 hours per week assuming full time work commitments (evening indoor sessions during the week) 3. Done of a static trainer, rollers or outdoors, conditions allowing. 4. 10 mile TT rollers test and the beginning and end of the 8 weeks to benchmark progress. 5. Includes active recovery. 6. Ideal base for 10 and 25 mile time trials, circuits races/crits, track endurance races and 40k tri legs. 7. Targeted and focused to increase leg strength and leg speed, remembering that speed x strength = POWER.

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