Ages11-12 Beginner Triathlon Training Program - 6 weeks

This training plan is for the beginning youth multisport athlete ages11-12 training for a triathlon (swim/bike/run event). All workouts are designed to introduce basic skills that are age-appropriate and detailed for the young growing physiology. The plan includes workout descriptions focused on speed and skill development balanced with rest and recovery. RACE PREPARATION: At the conclusion of this program the athlete will be able to complete a 200m swim/ 10k bike/ 2k run event. BASIC EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Competition Swim suit and well-fitting swim goggles. Swim Cap is recommended Properly fitting helmet Bicycle that is the correct size Bike shorts, Swim Jammers, or other tight fitting shorts. Proper running shoes Water bottle Bike pump If you have questions about any of these items please visit your local running store.

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