ALP Cycles Coaching - Leadville 100 Mtb- 12 week training plan

This plan will prepare you for your best Leadville 100 Mtb ever. You should bring a minimum of 4 weeks of training with you when you start with this 12 week plan. The plan is built with shorter and more intense workouts but also includes long hard rides. You will use both: MTB and road bike. The goal is to not only finish Leadville, but finish fast. This plan goes hand in hand with ALP Cycles Coaching Leadville Pre-Ride camp. This camp is 2 days of pre-riding the course that will give you the opportunity to get things dialed in and be very well prepared for Leadville Race Day. If your goal is not only to finish but to also get a belt buckle, then this is the perfect training plan for you!

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