ALP Cycles Coaching - On-bike training with minimal time (3 months)

This training plan is best started with basic fitness and a knowledge of training with power and cadence. Many of the workouts are power based, and a field test will be done at the start of the twelve weeks to find your specific training zones. By the end of this plan, you can expect to have become a better and more complete cyclist. This plan is built with blocks of two training weeks followed by one rest week. It offers three bike workouts per week; two with high intensity that will help improve your race speed, and one longer Endurance ride during the weekend to be followed up by a run. The first block of training includes High Cadence drills, Tempo to work on basic bike efficiency. The second block of training includes Sweet-Spot Intervals and Muscle Tension intervals to build leg strength and power at Lactate Threshold. The third block of training has Lactate Threshold and VO2 Max intervals to build speed at Threshold. The last block at the end of the plan has Under/Over intervals and 1/1min or 30s/30s max intervals to improve race speed. This plan ends with a proper tapering-week which will make sure you are rested and ready to kick ass in your A-race. Upon completion of the training plan, if you want to continue as as ALP Cycles Coaching athlete, the cost of this plan will go toward your first month's coaching fee.

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