ALP Cycles Coaching- Road Racing-8 weeks-Final prep for race season.

As the road race season draws near, it is important to make sure you are ready and prepared not only for the first races of the season, but to have good fitness that lasts the entire season. Before beginning this training and plyometric program, we assume you have a basic base of strength and aerobic exercise training. This 8 week training plan has 2 blocks of training that will work to build full body strength and fitness and help prepare you for your first races of the season. The first phase is plyometrics and on bike sprints that are accompanied by lactate threshold training. This 3 week block will not only build your lactate threshold it will also make you a more powerful and explosive rider. All strength exercises and some of the more complex on-bike workouts come with a YouTube 'how to' video to make sure you understand and are completing each exercises with proper form. After a much deserved recovery week, you begin a 3-week race specific build. Now that you have a solid aerobic engine built, it is time to work on anaerobic power and fitness. VO2 and anaerobic workouts are combined with race winning intervals (RWI) and endurance rides. This 3 week build is the final preparation going in to race season. After a 2nd recovery week, you will be strong, fit, fresh, faster on the bike, and ready for the race season.

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