Andy Potts- 70.3- Run Training Plan

This plan was based on my experiences racing and preparing for triathlon racing throughout my entire career. We will teach you a smart approach to continuous improvement. This is a 15 week run training plan that is designed as a supplement for your other triathlon training. This plan will have you running approximately 3-4 times per week with a long run of 1:15. Each week, you will notice that every run has a purpose and you will be stressing each of your different aerobic systems to stimulate the phsyiological benefits needed to run a strong IM70.3. This plan assumes you have a base level of fitness and proficiency. Check out more training and coaching options at For a detailed plan description/training guide with pace calculators and commonly used terms defined, go here: This training plan uses test sets to establish training paces, power zones and hr zones. To calculate your zones, go here: Live Your Dreams, Andy

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