Another Mother Runner 10K: FINISH IT

BEST FOR: Somebody tackling the distance for the first time—or coming back from injury.

PHYSICAL PRE-REQS: Chicas ready for this challenge should be able to run three or four miles comfortably. It’s a good idea to have completed a 5K race and have a few months of consistent running logged on your legs, but if you’re a newbie to speedwork, no worries: We’ll ease you into it.

PLAN OVERVIEW: This 10-weeker stretches out your long runs to seven miles to build the requisite stamina and confidence to cover 6.2 miles, while also introducing some speedier workouts. We’re not asking you to bust a move too often, but we know you’re up for the occasional challenge. Looking to bust a major move at your 10K? Consider following Another Mother Runner 10K OWN IT plan instead.

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