Another Mother Runner HALF-MARATHON: FINISH IT

BEST FOR: Runners who want to tackle the anthem race for mother runners: a beautifully odd 13.1 miles.

PHYSICAL PRE-REQS: The ability to comfortably finish a 6-mile run is preferred, as is experience in some shorter races. (If you don’t have the former, build up to it and throw in a race or two while you do so.)

PLAN OVERVIEW: This plan, a little short of four months long, will comfortably bring you up to half-marathon glory. Most of the runs are at an easy pace, making it perfect for a pair or group of women to take it on together: lots and lots of time to talk. From the start, the plan integrates short bits of intensity and start-slow-get-faster race strategy, kind of like how you try to “hide” shredded zucchini in spaghetti sauce. Women in the Another Mother Runner tribe have had great success with this plan!

SPECIAL FEATURES: Recognizing that women, especially mother runners, have extra-full lives, we built a "bail if needed" day into each week. In an ideal world, you'll be so stoked from seeing your near-daily improvement you won't miss many workouts, but in the real world, we know sometimes something has to give. The "bail" day is the workout you should nix if you need to. Conversely, each week there's a "Gotta get it done" workout: This is the workout that's most vital to getting you to race day raring to go.

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