Another Mother Runner RELAY RACE PLAN

This plan is designed for relay racers participating on a 12-person team. It assumes the relay spans roughly 200 miles over a 24- to 30-hour period, and each runner completes three separate legs. The longest leg typically varies somewhere between 7 to 10 miles. Before hopping on this plan, you should have a solid base of at least three months of consistent training. You should also be comfortable doing a 5-mile run.


STRAY FROM YOUR USUAL Run at odd times; run when you are tired or hungry. Run when the sun is brightest or long sunk below the horizon. Mix things up so you get accustomed to rolling with conditions during the race.

NIGHT OWL IT Experiment running with a headlamp, reflective gear, and other night gear. Running at night transforms even your usual route into a completely new experience.

KNOW YOUR LEGS Do a little research on the legs of the relay you’ll be running. Know what terrain and elevation to expect. Although you may not be able to pinpoint run times, you can give yourself a general idea, which helps in training (both your body and mind).

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