Another Mother Runner RUN/WALK HALF-MARATHON

BEST FOR: Ideal for walkers looking to morph into runners. Also works well for running neophytes testing their wings at a half-marathon for the first time.

PHYSICAL PRE-REQUISITE: No running experience required, but a solid base of walking, such as walking at least 3x/week for at least 30 minutes each time, will definitely be beneficial.

PLAN OVERVIEW: The goal is to work from more walking per session, to more running, while building your endurance to complete 13.1 miles in a run/walk fashion. Pay attention to the run/walk ratio (i.e. 2/4, you run 2 minutes and walk 4 minutes) for each workout as the long run ratio varies from the week’s runs. The run-to-walk ratio progresses more slowly for the long runs. Start and end each session with 3 to 5 minutes of easy walking to warm up and cool down.

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