Around The Bay (Sub 2:15)

30k Training Program Program developed exclusively for a sub 2:15 Around the Bay. For an updated program or a program designed especially for you please contact Terri at 226-658-7678 or email Race Pace = 4:28 TEMPO means going @ race goal pace. Pick ups mean going @ 85-90% max. speed 50-100 meters (light post to light post as example) followed by same distance very slow jog. Do a 2-3k warm up & cool down. FARTLEK means varying the pace of your run as you see fit-this is a 'feel' run. Go @ sprint pace, followed by a slow jog, followed by hill, followed by walk & so on. Hill reps should be 250-750 meters in length and @ a pitch of 8-12% (average grade) done at a pace where you can't speak but are not gasping. Alternate doing uphill 1 week & downhill the alternate week. This will balance quads/hams better. Recover by slow walk/jog down or up the hill.

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