B Level 8 week TIME TRIAL 15/30k RACE PREP Program

This is a 8 week plan designed to prepare athletes for 15/30k Time Trial. This plan should be started 8-9 weeks out from event. This is the perfect build up plan as you prepare to get race ready for your event. This program is perfect for the following athletes: 1) Athletes preparing for 15/30k Time Trials 2) Multi Sport Athletes preparing for Sprint to Olympic distance. What athletes will need: 1) Open to new ideas and training 2) Uploaded able cycling computer 3) Heart rate or power meter. 4) Computer in order to view Training Peaks and upload ride information 5) Training time 4-8 hours of ride time and 1 hour of strength per week Plan Benefits: 1) 8 week training blocks set up to be completed using feel, heart rate or power. 2) Start-up coaching call or email (15-20 minute phone call) 3) Mid-point review upon request. Send us a email request and we will review your training 4) Discounted additional coaching consults as needed along the way. 5) End of plan coaching call consult.

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