BASE 12 Week Off Season Cycle Training Program

This 12 week off season training program is a great choice for athletes who are looking to gain strength and fitness in the off season to come out of the winter stronger than ever. Athletes are scheduled 6 days of the week with 1 full day off. Two days are lighter, easier rides combined with a strength workout. The rest of the cycle workouts are challenging and have a specific purpose. The plan is broken into 4 week chunks with the first 4 weeks focusing on cadence and efficiency. The middle 4 weeks we focus on increasing the athlete's aerobic force. The final 4 weeks the plan focuses on shorter more intense efforts to improve anaerobic efficiency. This plan is appropriate for anyone who has a basic understanding of cycling. All workouts can be done either on an indoor trainer, power based trainer (Wahoo Kick'r/Computrainer/etc), or out on the road. Be sure to read through each workout as there may be slight changes in the workouts between trainer and road.

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