Base 1D (4 weeks, 2 Trainer, optional Sunday Ride)

Purpose: Build Speed Skills and Base Endurance for triathletes racing any distance. Duration: 4 weeks. Progresses from 6.5 to 8.5 hours per week with optional additional ride on Sunday adding up to 100 min per week. Swim progresses to 30 min. Bike progresses from 1 hour to 2. Run builds from 30 min to 1 hour. Focus: Speed Skills, Endurance. Description: 3 workouts of each discipline per week. 6 days per week with Monday off. Swims both weekend days in pool or open water. Bike rides Saturday and Sunday. One trainer ride midweek. Walk Breaks on runs exceeding 30 minutes.Testing late in the program can be used to determine heart rate zones (and for power users, FTP) for bike based on 8 min time trial format, and 1 mile run time can be used to set training paces. Effort based prior to training zones being set. Equipment: Bike Trainer, Heart Rate Monitor

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