Base Period/Climbing with ease 12 wks, Beginner by Stoller

Are you craving the enjoyment of riding the largest climbs around!? Tired of hearing about your buddy's "Epic Strava Sections"!? Take charge! Start a little bragging of your own with this 12 week program that will get you enjoying the high mountains in no time. This program will get you ready for the large climbs around you while keeping you fresh enough to win a few city limit sign sprints. You should have a clean bill of health and about a year of experience on your bike going into this training plan. You will want to set aside 8-10hrs a week to make the most of this plan. We highly advise concentrating on being consistent through your training, doing a little each day is going to be far more productive than loading up your weekends. Have fun and remember to reach out to us with any questions at Enjoy your training!

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