BCS Cyclocross Plan

For this plan, we assume a few things.

1) the athlete has ridden at least on a recreational level for 2-6 months (General Prep/Base endurance miles)

2) the athlete can dedicate at least 5 days and 6-12 hours of training each week

3) for the more serious/experienced athletes you can add a short active recovery spin on Mon and/or Fri

4) you might add 1-2 standalone run sessions in the early season. These could be 15-35min very easy, but with a few short 10-30sec uphill sprints thrown in.

5) if you do general strength work in the gym, I would do this on Tues or Wed and focus on core/functional strength and multi-joint movements

6) the last 4 weeks we assume the cross season is in full swing and races will dominate that period. The only mid week session is a combo supra race pace and tempo set, but could also be a hard group ride.

Please e-mail kurt@pbmcoaching.com with any questions.

Train smart.

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