Be my Valentine

Give your Valentine the gift of a hard and fit body by using body weight exercises to develop strength, speed, flexibility and weight loss in 30 minutes or less a day over the next 4 weeks. This plan is targeted to the beginner as it begins with low reps and progresses in intensity and volume. This does not mean an experienced athlete cannot use this plan and make fitness gains. The experienced athlete can begin at the current fitness level and use the progression described in the plan. The Be My Valentine plan will develop core strength and stamina while stimulating the metabolism for immediate and delayed calorie burn. The core can be thought of as three sections consisting of the lower core (hips and glutes), mid core (abs, lumbar, lower obliques) and upper core (upper obliques, serratus anterior lower trapezius and lower lattisimus dorsi). The core is the foundation for all movements and stability so having a strong core is key to fitness. The plan uses static and dynamic movements that forces isometric and concentric muscular contractions targeting the entire core. Progressive resistance is used to stimulate anatomical and neuromuscular adaptation. This plan starts easy and gets hard.

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