Beginner Cyclist Build Fitness & Endurance in 6 Weeks, 2.5-4hrs/wk Phase 1

This plan is designed for the beginner cyclist who would like to get fit and strong for road cycling or the cyclist who is coming off a long break and wants to get fit and strong again. The training includes 3 rides per week with 45-60 minutes scheduled twice in the work week and one longer ride on the weekend starting at 1 hour and building up to 2 hours by the end of the 6 weeks. The plan works with a heart rate monitor, a power meter or with perceived exertion rating. Simply refer to the training zones link provided in documentation to determine your training zones. The training includes specific drills to improve your pedaling efficiency and cadence, specific intervals to improve your pedaling power, leg strength, and increase your fitness and endurance. The majority of the training is in Zone 2-3 with a few Zone 4 efforts scheduled in the final 2 weeks. When you have successfully completed this plan (Phase 1) look for the Phase 2 plan to continue to build on your fitness gains. This plan is designed by top coach Simon Kessler of Simon Says Cycling, a former professional cyclist and multiple national champion. Learn more at:

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