Beginner: Gain Watts! 8 week FTP power booster

This program is built for beginners who have been raining between 6-8 hours for 2-4 months prior, and who are looking to increase their Functional Lactate Threshold Power on the bike, and to dive into proper on-bike training. However, those at the intermediate and Masters levels who are crunched for time will find this program to work extremely well for them, especially if the goal event is up to/around 2.5 hours in duration. Developed from over 8 years of coaching beginner athletes to the Category 1/2 levels, this program delivers our proven training philosophy to help you develop and progress appropriately, while pushing your limits, but not pushing you over your limit. This Training Plan is challenging, and requires between 5-7.5 hours of riding per week, including 2-3 mid-week rides, and 2 weekend rides. While designed to be executed best while training with power, this program may also be done based off of Perceived Exertion or Heart Rate. It may also be done by those basing training off of TSS.

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