Beginner Half Marathon

Overview This course is designed to prepare you for a half marathon (13.1 miles) in 14-16 weeks. It targets the individual who is new to running or is not currently in shape for longer runs. The program starts slow, with low miles, building out mileage across several weeks, where you will work on different skills on different weeks, allowing lighter weeks every 4th week for recovery. The course involves rest days between running days, strength training with weights to improve muscle tone, stability and conditioning, and works in cross training for general fitness. If you are not regularly active, need some conditioning, or have never run a half marathon before, then this course is for you. Running Terminology • Walking- fast paced, swinging arms, may need to alternate some running with walking, especially to become comfortable with running uphill. Effort 60-65% • Easy run- comfortable, slow paced, working on getting comfortable with lower heart rates. Should feel like you could go farther than the daily run on your calendar. Effort 60-75% • Tempo run- these are fasted paced, allow you to settle into your breathing & form. Will seem harder, but with work on form, consistency in your pace, and breathing, you should feel good afterward. Effort 75-85%. Strength Training Weak muscles do not perform well, struggle on mixed terrain, and strengthen very little while running. Some dedicated time to focus on large muscle groups in the gym using free weights across a full body routine twice per week will greatly improve your running strength and performance. These days will involve circuit training to maximize time, teaching muscles to be explosive and developing functional strength. Stretching Stretching major muscle groups should be a daily after you exercise. Stretching keeps you limber, and can help decrease your risk for injury. Cross training These are low impact cardiovascular exercise of your choice, such as cycling, swimming, hiking, yoga, and aerobics are examples. Intensity should be moderate, keeping your effort between 65-80%.

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