BEGINNER Olympic Distance Triathlon Plan, 5 hours per week. 6 weeks.


Phil Mosley has had over 50 training plans published in UK magazines such as Triathlon Plus and Cycling Weekly. He is an Ironman Certified Coach with 20 years experience. You are welcome to email the author if you have questions about your training plan.


This plan is for beginner level triathletes. Each week there are 2 swims, 2 cycles 2 to 3 runs, a rest day and a strength session. The plan starts with 5 hours training per week and peaks at 5 hours 35 minutes per week. It includes personalised Training Zones and instructions.


Workouts are described and swim technique drills are included (images and descriptions). The swims start at 1400m total (with rests) in week 1, through to 1900m total (with rests). Open water swim workouts are included in the last 4 weeks.


Workouts start at 41 minutes and peak at 80 minutes in total, although you can add 10-minutes extra to the warm up and warm down if you have the time and energy. You can use power, heart rate or perceived exertion as a guide to your intensity. Training zones are provided.


Workouts start out at 29 minutes long (with rests) and peak at 45 minutes. You can use pace, heart rate or perceived exertion as a measure of your intensity. Each week you will have a different run-technique focus point too. There are several "brick" workouts, which involve cycling then running.


There are race rehearsals for swim, bike and run - to help build confidence, skill and pace awareness. 


There is one simple strength and conditioning workout per week, which can be done at home or in a gym.


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