Beginner Swim Focus Triathlon Training Plan

Is your swimming holding you back in triathlon? If so, you can improve your triathlon swimming with the help of WhittleFit's Beginner Swim Focus Triathlon Training Plan. Who's it for? Our Beginner Swim Focus Triathlon Training Plan is for new triathletes and people who feel that swimming is letting them down in their triathlon races. The aim is to spend a short period of time concentrating on swimming (alongside your cycling and running training) with a clearly structured plan to improve your swim fitness. Over 4 weeks, we'll build up your swimming in a progressive manner through a safe and structured approach, with just the right balance of stimulus that is both challenging and achievable. Is it for you? Are you a new or novice triathlete? Is swimming holding you back from the triathlon times you want? Are you looking for the peace of mind and confidence of a training plan designed by an endurance coach? Then - yes - it's for you! What's involved? Because this plan is aimed at novices, beginners and improvers, it progresses gradually to ensure you achieve your goal without injury or over training. But make no mistake; the Beginner Swim Focus Triathlon Training Plan is not easy! The plan lasts for 4 weeks (which you can repeat if required) and builds progressively, starting with swimming twice a week and finishing with you swimming four times a week. The plan starts with "baby steps" and progresses through "endurance", “strength” and ‘speed” sessions to ensure you are ready to have your best triathlon season ever!

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