Belgian Waffle Ride Training Plan, 16 weeks, 10-16 hours per week of training time

This training plan is designed for you to complete the 2017 Belgian Waffle Ride with the fastest time possible, while being comfortable in the ride, and having the most fun. This is an amazing, fun, epic ride, but its a grueling course and without training properly you will not be comfortable and you will take a long time to finish. This plan is for people who may not need or want a full time coach but still need guidance and specific workouts in training for this event. Starting out with a short base and aerobic capacity building phase this training plan quickly builds to tempo and threshold intervals with endurance training to bring you to the best possible fitness in time for the BWR. In this training plan we give you the ability to follow along with HR or power by using Intensity Factors and rate or perceived exertion scale. Intensity Factor is written as a fraction or percentage of threshold where RPE is a value out of 10, 10 being a V02 max or HR max effort. Please email with any questions. Source Endurance is the official coaching partner of the 2017 Belgian Waffle Ride. BWR - May 14th, 2017 - BWR Source Endurance Survival Camp -

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