Ben Elder Coaching Run Block 101

The Run Block 101 is a 5 week block of running training designed specifically for athletes and non-athletes who are looking to improve their running ability. It consists of two to three days a week on the treadmill & one day out on the road. All workouts are dictated by your heart rate, with your total training time each week set at 3.5 hours. As your body adapts you will naturally start to cover more distance with each workout. In order to follow this workout you will need a heart rate monitor with a chest strap. On average you should expect to see at least a 6% improvement in over all speed from this training block. De-conditioned individual my see greater improvements while experience athletes should see the 6%. One of our athletes Kathryn S. had this to say after the training block, "Special thanks to my coaches for helping me bring the speed today. Can't believe I went from suffering to run a 9:57 pace for three miles to running 13.1 miles at 8:59 pace in just 6 weeks. You're amazing! Can't wait to start training for Augusta 70.3!"

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