BEYOND TRAINING: 12 Week Overtraining & Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Plan

Are you constantly fatigued and tired? No libido? No motivation? Poor sleep? Injured and overtrained?

This 12 week overtraining and adrenal fatigue recovery plan is designed by coach Ben Greenfield to "dig you out of the hole" and give your body exactly what it needs to bounce back from the hormone deficits and metabolic damage that occurs from excessive body use - while still maintaining a base level of fitness.

The plan includes exact protocols and instructions for every workout of the week as well as a full nutrition, recipe and meal plan for rapidly and effectively healing your gut, liver, and adrenals.

This plan is perfect if you are:

-Recovering quickly from an Ironman or marathon race or training season and want to "reboot" your body in an off-season...

-Trying to repair adrenal damage and adrenal fatigue, but don't know where to start...

-Want to fix overtraining syndrome while still maintaining a base level of fitness....

The plan is based on the concepts Ben teaches in the article: and also in his book "Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life".

You'll get everything you need to fix your body and repair your adrenals with zero guesswork. Send any questions to

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