Bolder Boulder 10K (BB10K) - 12 Week True Beginner Training Plan C210K

A true beginners plan. Ideal for athletes who are doing this as their first event and are currently doing a run/ walk combo. This is a run walk plan from beginning to end and will have a 50:00 max workout. To prepare for the hills of Bolder Boulder, hills have been integrated to Thursday workouts. Goal is to not stop and run when you hit the hills. You can conquer the course if you prepare! This is excellent for an athlete looking for an introduction to running and aren't ready to run consistent mileage. This will prepare you well for a beginning to intermediate 10K plan if you complete this without issues. This is not a plan for a 2nd or 3rd year runner or anyone who's completed a 5K without breaks. This is for athletes who are starting off the couch on day 1!

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