Bolder Boulder 10K (BB10K) - Beginner Plan

The Bolder Boulder is not a race for the faint of heart! At it's peak the course will have you gasping for air by half way with a major hill on the course. From there the course winds down before one heck of a butt kicking hill at the end as you finish inside the Stadium at CU! This plan has speed, hills, and long runs of up to 8 miles for athletes who are currently running 16-23 miles per week and are looking to take their basic plan This plan has 2 days off per week + 1 dedicated cross training day. This plan only has one full workout per week with an extra hills component on alternating weeks. This plan is great for altitude athletes, or athletes preparing for their first race at altitude. This plan is designed to end on the race date May 29th, 2017! Get ready for the worlds largest 10K today!

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